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  1. Hello and welcome to our moving dashcam testing laboratory performed by pnz.r00t, his Toyota LC and later Hilux in Penza, Russia.
    The point of our tests is to find out and to show how do dashcams work in heavy conditions in matter of image quality. In my point of view there are two main parameters to define it:
    • Overal image quality (OIQ), that shows how well we could read small details in objects and how far
    • Low-light image quality (LLIQ), that shows how much things we could see on dark road
    So the testing route have been chosen based on these criterias: It should be the night. We have to see the road without any illumination. We have to show transition from light to dark. It should be clear how well we could read major object details such as road signs, license plate numbers and any road infrastructure that contains words and digits. The real-world video is the best way to manage it.
    Our testing route is illuminated mostly by sodium (orange) gas discharge lighting. We have a gas station on it which called "Sunflower" (refer to google translate for russian word). It also has absolutely dark sector on which there is a road sign after turning.
    We took no more than 5 dashcams at a time and did as many passages as many items we had. The conditions of the route are mostly reiterateable, so we could compare items no matter if there is winter or summer. Of course, the most hard condition could be is the rain. But it would impossible to wait for the rain every time we have to perform the test even in the cloudy central Russia. It is also important to say that we tried to to keep equal conditions for every competitor as much as it possible on public road. We intentionally allow you to upload and to watch on youtube unedited videos to avoid their distortion. There are all were shot in Full-HD (1920x1080) 30fps, exept GoPro BE.
    And the last: We throw a car in front of us to see how could we read the licence plate. In our case we couldn't because of shoting car height, front car low hight, headlights and licence plate angle - and this is the hardest condition that you can find. Our testing route map: https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Unknown road&daddr=Unknown road&hl=en&ll=53.205295,44.954417&spn=0.007377,0.050898&sll=53.207714,44.966281&sspn=0.01627,0.050898&geocode=FS_ZKwMdMfOtAg;FZfpKwMd4U-uAg&t=h&mra=prev&z=15&layer=c&cbll=53.205295,44.954417&panoid=pFO-uSModcslvM96GXmHuA&cbp=11,349.08,,0,0

    So here are the videos. Enjoy.

    Test №1:
    Part 1 - Blackvue dr400g hd, Blackvue dr500gw hd, Finevu cr 300 hd, Finevu cr 500 hd, Vico vation tf2
    Part 2 - Fuho Avita 1023, TrendVision tv-105, TrendVision TV-Q5NV, Videosvidetel 3610, Street Storm CVR 908FHD
    Part 3 - Procam zx5, Procam zx8, Transfluent CR506, Subini Q2
    Part 4 - ProCam ZX6, Dod F900LS, Dod v660, Dod gse520
    Part 5 - AKENORI drivecam 1080 X, GoPro Hero 3 BE, QStar A5 city, QStar A5 Night, Karkam q2, Karkam ql3

    And daylight videos for example:
    Part 6 - Blackvue dr500gw hd, Finevu cr 500 hd, Fuho Avita BG 1023, Procam zx8, Subini Q2
    Part 7 - Akenori drivecam 1080X, QStar A5 night, Dod f900ls, TrendVision TV105, TrendVision Q5, Karkam q2

    Test №2:
    Part 1 - Vico Vation Vico-tf2, VicoVation Vico-tf1, Trendvision tv-q5nv, Neoline Spike, FineVu cr-500hd, Blackvue DR500GW HD
    Part 2 - Fuho 1010, Vosonic v747w он же Flexmedia v747w, Procam Zx5, DOD VRH3, AirLine AVR-FHD-M03
    Part 3 - CANSONIC CDV-7070, Cansonic CDV-800, Axiom little boy, Necker m898gf, Necker S1, Neoline Cubex v31
    Part 4 - Papago! P3, Lexand LR-4500, Inspector A260, Inspector FHD-A530, DOD F900LN, Axiom Prototype 2
    Part 5 - Axiom 1000, Dod f890ls, Dod f980ls, Dod tg200, Dod tg300, Dod v680l
    Out of record - Lukas Lk-7900 Ace, BlackVue Dr500GW-hd, Parkcity dvr hd 530, ParkCity Hd 430

    Test №3:
    Part 1 - CansonicFDV-606s, Axiom prototype 1, Neoline Cubex V50, Neoline Twist
    Part 2 - AdvoCam FD4 Profi, Axiom prototype 2, DOD LS400W, VicoVation Vico sf2, Karkam Ql3 Neo
    Part 3 - AdvoCam FD5 Profi, AdvoCam FD6 Profi, Lukas LK-7900 Ace, Mio MiVue 358
    Part 4 - Mio MiVue 368, TrendVision TV-100, VicoVation vico-tf2+ (plus), VicoVation vico-wf1, Karkam Qx3

    Test №4:
    Part 1 - FineVu cr-500hd, Lukas lk-7900 ace, Janus Full Hd, Prestigio roadrunner 520
    Part 2 - Mio MiVue 388, ParkCity DVR HD 710, Prestigio 530a5, Sony HDR-AS15

    Test №5:
    Part 1 - Blacksys cf-100, Blackvue dr550gw-2ch, Lukas lk 5900, Lukas lk-7900 ace
    Rear cameras (part 1) - the same as above, but for rear cameras. 95% rear windshield toning.
    Part 2 - AXIOM Car Vision 1100, BlackVue DR500 Lite, Sony hdr-as10, Sony hdr-as30
    Part 3 - DOD LS430W, VicoVation Vico tf2, VicoVation Vico tf2+, VicoVation Vico wf1, Vosonic v747w
    Part 4 - Neoline cubex v33, Garmin gdr35, Neoline Optimex A7, Street storm 7510 rev.2, TrednVision Tv-102
    Part 5 - ParkCity DVR HD 580, ParkCity DVR HD 590, Procam cx4, Trendvision tv-103
    Part 6 - Finevu pro, TrendVision tv-100, Каркам q5n

    Later I will post our dashcam rating based on these videos which will include OIQ and LLIQ Ratings with fully edited videos.
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